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  • What is home school?
    At Hommik School, we understand that the main strength of Home Education is to allow the integral development of the individual, since it not only deals with forming their intellectual dimension, but also due to the flexible nature offered by the Hommik School Program, in aspects such as the place of study, the time, the learning method, the approach and the learning goals, give the student, from an early age, the opportunity to integrate and merge, the development of their life project with the educational process, being able to be the aspects of learning and building, two sides of the same coin. Request more information from one of our family advisors 🚀
  • Is the homeschool, or “Home Education” carried out only within the house?
    It is said that it is "home education", not because the classroom is now located inside the house, but because now the concept of the CLASSROOM is reevaluated breaking its physical limitations of ubiquity, and becomes any physical place that suits appropriately for the learning process. Under this resignification, the CLASSROOM can now become a home, a park, a library, and can even become an activity such as a trip, an event, among many other possibilities. Request more information from one of our family advisors.
  • What calendars does Hommik School offer?
    The Hommik School Program offers registrations for calendar A, which runs from February to November, and for calendar B, which runs from August to May of the following year. Request more information from one of our family advisors.
  • What are the study modalities offered by Hommik School?
    The Hommik School Program, as a certifiable study process, has two main modalities: Free Program and Certified Program. Both offer the possibility of carrying out studies at home in a flexible way and with all the support and community services that Hommik School offers. Request more information from one of our family advisors.
  • What are the benefits of the Hommik School program?
    Apart from all the benefits of being able to develop the life project due to the flexibility that the Hommik School Program gives us, the Program also offers a pedagogical model aimed at developing the Autonomous Learning in the student, encouraging them to strengthen, in addition to their basic cognitive skills, also their interpretive, argumentative and propositional skills through a learning and didactic environment adaptable to their rhythm of life, which respects their learning styles and their dominant intelligences. The Hommik School Program offers a guiding, light and flexible academic structure that opens spaces for personal development and also great freedom not only of location but in the use of time, programming of study schedules, development of academic products, and uploading and sending of deliverables. The Hommik School Program gives the opportunity to carry out a certifiable educational process, with a flexible structure that adapts to the rhythm of family life, allowing parents the space to focus on life or worldview to the education they want for their children according to their beliefs, moral structure and vocational convenience (detected from an early age, or failing that, in the full stage of discovery). In the Hommik School Program, both students and parents will never be alone since it guides and trains them in all stages of learning, offering an educational and community environment that will support them in everything. moment, as well as a virtual and face-to-face educational community through which learning becomes collaborative. The Hommik School Program, due to its structured and flexible nature, allows reaching the minimum thematic goals of academic learning to be able to certify the process grade by grade, in any of the two calendars established in Colombia and Hispanic countries: A and B. Request more information from one of our family advisors.
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